Help (not hurt) your brand with smart LinkedIn choices

linkedin video - tips

Video Transcript:

Hi, it's Shannon again, here to tell you two quick tricks for LinkedIn. And they both have to do with images.

So the best way to portray yourself as someone I want to connect with on LinkedIn is to have a professionally taken photo. And that means that you have a bit of a depth of field. So whatever's behind you is a little blurry, and you are in really crisp focus, so I can see your eyes and your smile.

Now, you can do this using a professional photographer, or you can get a friend on their iPhone eight to use the portrait function, which actually works really well, and take it outside. So you've got a natural background behind you.

Secondly, you want to make sure that you have populated the banner behind your professional photo. This means that you can actually pull from websites like Unsplash and bring over photo imagery, or you can do something like I've Done, where I've made a little collage of my own photos of me speaking. So it needs to represent something about you.

So, obviously, if you're doing fair trade, you might want to have some fair trade products. Or if you're focusing on human rights, you might want to have a photo that you've pulled down from the UN page on human rights. So tell us a little bit about yourself using your eyes, using your smile and the banner that tips behind you. That's it for today. Thank you.